Kentucky Fried Chicken Calorie Chart

How many calories are in Kentucky Fried Chicken? See our KFC calories menu below:

Barbecue sauce, 1 oz. 35
Biscuit, each 235
Chicken breast, center, extra crispy 342
Chicken breast, center, original recipe 283
Chicken breast, side, original recipe 267
Chicken breast, side, extra crispy 343
Chicken drumstick, original recipe 146
Chicken drumstick, extra crispy 204
Chicken Littles, each 169
Chicken sandwich, each 482
Chicken thigh, original recipe 294
Chicken thigh, extra crispy 406
Chicken wing, original recipe 178
Chicken wing, extra crispy 254
Coleslaw, 1 serving 119
Corn on the cob, 1 serving, 5 oz. 176
French fries, 1 serving 244
Honey sauce, 1 oz. 49
Kentucky nuggets, 1 nugget 46
Mashed potatoes, 1 serving with gravy 71
Mustard sauce, 1 oz. 36
Sweet'n'sour sauce, 1 oz. 58

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