Google Offices (Googleplex) Around The World

New York, US

New York office is Google’s largest software engineering center outside of headquarter Mountain View. According to GoogleSystem:

Google opened their new NY offices 5 months ago (from Feb 2007) and already has around 500 employees who work on print ads, Google Finance, Google Spreadsheets, Checkout and more.

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Santa Monica Arizona, US

One of the largest development centers in the United States, where engineers work on some of Google’s hardest problems, in realms such as Search Quality, YouTube, Ads, Video and Photos.

Chicago, US

Moscow, Russia

Birthplace of co-founder Sergey Brin, Google Moscow is a research and development office.

Wii Golf at the Google Moscow office

Google Moscow Engineering Open House

Zurich, Switzerland

The Zurich office is fun, or probably weird. More photos here.

Beijing, China

Located near Tsinghua University, Google Beijing too has a mountain view like the US headquater.

Credit: Gaoyuan

Credit: Gaoyuan

Credit: Gaoyuan

Credit: Gaoyuan

Taipei, Taiwan

Google Taiwan is located at one of the world tallest skycrappers Taipei 101, from 37th floor to 73 floor.

Amsterdam, Netherland

At Google Amsterdam, the main activities here will be selling ads and suggesting keywords to clients.

If you want to know, there’s 10 ‘o’ in total.

Outside view of the Google office.

The lobby

London, England

Located near Victoria Station, this is a home for more than 200 Google employees. According to, this will be the base for the search giant’s next European engineering centre.

Tokyo, Japan

iGoogle Art Cafe

Discount Hotel Price | International Flight Fares Sydney, Australia

TheAustralia headquater for Google, Sydney office will be responsible for local research and development.

Paris, France

The Paris office has around 100 employees who mainly works on Google advertising and industry partnerships.

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