Mere Jeevan Saathi

Mere Jeevan Saathi (2006 film)

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Mere Jeevan Saathi
Directed by Suneel Darshan
Produced by Suneel Darshan,
Suraj Prakash
Written by Suneel Darshan (story),
Robin Bhatt (screenplay),
K.K. Singh (dialogue)
Starring Akshay Kumar,
Karisma Kapoor,
Amisha Patel,
Gulshan Grover
Music by Nadeem-Shravan
Distributed by Shree Krishna International Pvt. Ltd.
Release date(s) 3 February 2006
Language Hindi

Mere Jeevan Saathi (Hindi: मेरे जीवन साथी, Urdu: میرے جیون ساتھی) is a Bollywood movie released in 2006 starring Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor and Amisha Patel. The film was supposed to be released in 2004, but due to delays, the film was released in February 2006.

[edit] Synopsis

Vicky (Akshay Kumar) is an aspiring singer who is devoted to the love of his life Anjali (Amisha Patel). He soon comes across Morani (Gulshan Grover) and Torani (Ashish Vidyarthi) who own a local music company but he then gets a bigger and better offer from Canada. The company, called Angel International Music, gives Vicky the opportunity to do live stage shows. Not wanting to miss this opportunity he accepts and returns the advance paid to him by Morani and Torani. The duo are angered by this and target him but unfortunately they get Anjali instead.

Vicky does not want to leave Anjali in her current state but she convinces him to go. He reaches Canada and meets the owner of Angel International Music, Natasha (Karisma Kapoor). Natasha agrees to help Vicky and successfully helps to promote him and make him a star. However Vicky is unaware of Natasha's hidden motives, for Natasha has a secret. She knew Vicky in college and harboured a deep infatuation for him. She secretly wrote the lyrics of a song that he performed in front of the entire college campus, who applauded him for his abilities and set him off on the road to becoming a singer. Natasha decided to tell Vicky of her love, but first she called her dad who at first was happy that she found someone; however when he learns that Vicky is in love with someone else (Anjali) he warns Natasha that her love for Vicky can never be, but she refuses to listen. Before going to meet Vicky, she learns that her father has been killed in a car accident, so with no one else to love in her life, she spent all her love and devotion on Vicky and has ever since. As Vicky prepares to go back to India, Natasha urges him to stay one more day as it is her birthday. He accepts and comes to her home. Thing heat up and the result is that Vicky and Natasha spend one passion-filled night together. The following morning Vicky awakes and is horrified by what he has done. He goes to the airport however finds that Natasha is sitting next to him on the plane. Overwhelmed by guilt, he confesses to his friend who tells him he needs to forget everything, assuring Vicky that Natasha will do the same. Anjali meets Vicky at the airport and invites him and Natasha over for dinner.

Natasha decides to use all her company's advertising and promotion on Vicky, a decision that her business partners do not agree with. Natasha dares them to defy her authority, even firing one of her longtime business associates. As her business meeting ends, Vicky, by Natahsa's request, comes into her office to see her. She inquires about Anjali, however an obviously uncomfortable Vicky asks her to keep their relationship professional and not discuss personal matters. Natasha takes Vicky to his photo shoot for his album. After the shoot is over she invites Vicky over to her house for dinner but he says he can't as he already promised to go to Anjali's for dinner after missing out on having lunch with her. She tells him to come by after his dinner with Anjali telling him she'll wait for him. While at Anjali's house, Natasha calls Vicky repeatedly but he doesn't answer. Anjali find out Natasha keeps on calling Vicky and insists he go to her as she is a guest, she also tells him to drop her off at the airport. He reluctantly agrees and goes to Natasha's house.

At the airport the following morning, Natasha thanks Vicky and expresses her desire to stay with him. She the asks him to hold her tightly so she can forget that he isn't with her. Vicky reluctantly agrees and embraces her and watches her leave on the plane. He heads home where Anjali has cooked him breakfast and reminds him that it is Valentine's Day. Yet before the two can spend any romantic time together, Sam calls and tells Vicky that he needs to come over an look at the pictures from the photo shoot before they are sent off. He sadly agrees, while there Natasha shows up telling him she didn't board the flight as she remembered it was Valentine's Day. She invites him to her office where she expresses her passionate love for him. Vicky tells her that their one night together was mistake. Natasha tells him about how she has loved him since college and how if it wasn't for her father's sudden death, she would have told him her feelings sooner. Feeling sorry for Natasha, Vicky says that they can be good friends but his heart is with Anjali. Natasha begins to cry and is silent, Vicky looks down and realises that there is blood pouring out of her hands. Natasha has tried to kill herself. He rushes her to the hospital while Natasha dazed and almost unconscious repeatedly states that she loves Vicky.

Vicky arrives as Anjali's house late at night with a rose and a present for her. However the sweet, tender-hearted Anjali is not upset at all ad is pleased to see him. He asks Anjali to marry him and she accepts. The next day Vicky goes to hospital to check up on Natahsa and finds she has been discharged already. Vicky's family found out about Natasha's supposed ``accident`` and brought her to their home, as it was the least they could do. Natasha discovers that Vicky and Anjali are engaged and subtly states that she will never give up on Vicky. At the engagement party, Natasha through song and dance declares her love for Vicky, who in turn declares his love for Anjali and she for him. As the two place rings on each other's fingers, Natasha's jealousy, anger and bitterness reaches a breaking point and she breaks a vase and starts to dance (barefoot) on the broken glass much to the shock and confusion of everyone. She dances up to the point where she faints.

Vicky later confronts Natasha, he tells her to stay away from him and to never see him again. He tears up his contract and says his dream is over. Natasha tells him that she isn't just some whore he can simply forget and walk away from. She determines to eliminate anything that stands in her and Vicky's way. Natasha hires to two hit men to plant a bomb in Vicky's car and from a mobile phone warns him that she will do the same to anyone standing in the way of her and his love. Vicky realises that Natasha's obsession of him has become dangerous and immediately goes to make sure Anjali is safe. He has a breakdown in the middle of the road, imagining Anjali's car has been blown up with her inside as well. Anjali herself comes over to comfort him and he realises that he will go mad with guilt if he doesn't confesses. At home, he confesses the truth to Anjali. Although hurt, she says that she will not be angry at him as she can see has punished himself enough and if he is punished anymore it could kill him. However before she makes up her mind about what she is going to do Anjali insists on meeting with Natasha.

The two women meet, and Natasha begs Anjali to give Vicky to her. However Anjali gently tells her that Vicky has never loved her, and although he may have been hers for a moment in time the truth is Vicky loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Natasha threatens Anjali saying she will go to any lengths to win Vicky – even kill. Anjali admits that while she cannot kill she would give her life up for Vicky. Natasha returns to her home, heartbroken and in tears. In a fit of anger, jealousy, heartbreak and sorrow she begins to violently destroy her apartment, breaking everything in sight.

Anjali returns to Vicky and tells him that they both need to go to Natasha, as she knows what she must do and Vicky knows he has to face the responsibility for what has happened or it will haunt him forever. At the moment, Natasha calls Anjali and asks her and Vicky to meet her at her apartment. The two accept and are shocked to find the ruined state of the apartment. Vicky tells Natasha that he knows she loves him and while he respects her he can never feel the same. Anjali adds that as a woman she knows how she feels but she will not be happy with Vicky and it will result in all of them being miserable. Vicky asks Natasha for forgiveness for the sorrow and pain he has caused her. He suddenly stops, and notices something. The two draw nearer and find blood pouring down from Natasha's head and a gun in her hand. She had killed herself before the two arrived. Anjali and Vicky both break down in tears. Beside Natasha's lifeless body, Vicky finds a note that she had written to him saying that she knew that he loved Anjali yet she hoped she could win him. She said that by sacrificing her life she proved that while Anjali could die for Vicky, she lived and breathed for Vicky and would even face death for him. She ends her letter by saying Vicky has been and always will be her soulmate.

The film ends with Natasha's funeral, and Anjali in Vicky's arms.

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